PSYCHIC KARAOKE, Commissioned by Mass MOCA Kidspace, Psychic Karaoke is an immersive and interactive followup to Mirror Mirror, which was simultaneously exhibited at Mass MOCA.  This interactive arose out of the desire to enable the audience to become participants of the mirror neuron inspired game within Mirror Mirror.  The concept is that as humans, first we have attunement (the capacity to connect with one another), from this attunement we start to feel each other’s emotions (empathy), and from holding this empathetic connection we enter into compassion.  Psychic Karaoke seeks to train this process like a muscle and simultaneously demystify the territory of connection via the findings of contemporary neuroscience made fuzzy, huggable, humorous, enticing, goofy, and gamiified.  In the end, the apparatus is a ruse for inspiring connection between kids, parents, or anyone looking for a techno-fuzzy friend.
Original musical score for Psychic Karaoke: John Brumley.  
Interactive software design: Neil Mendoza.  
Architectural renderings: Theo Train.